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Mickey Mouse Coloring Pages

Mickey Mouse is by far the most popular cartoon character known. Official mascot of The Walt Disney Company, he is an anthropomorphic mouse dressed in red shorts, white gloves and large yellow shoes. Also an Academy Award winner, Mickey Mouse was the first cartoon character starring on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame. Mickey has appeared in more than 130 films, and is seen generally with Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Donald Duck and Goofy, his gang of friends. Continue reading Mickey Mouse Coloring Pages

Puppy Coloring Pages

Puppy coloring pages are a favorite among kids around the world. The innocence of these little dogs and their soft barks conquer the hearts of people of all age. This website offers a wide variety of coloring sheets on puppies. Depicted here are both puppies in realistic and animated settings for the little artists to paint and enjoy. So why wait, print them now and let the fun begin. Continue reading Puppy Coloring Pages

Summer Coloring Pages

Summer is the warmest of all seasons, falling between spring and autumn. During this season, the days are longer and nights fall short. Kids love this time of the year as usually schools have summer breaks, giving them ample time to indulge in their favorite activities. Children are generally seen selling homemade lemonades to earn some extra money, or enjoying at the beach doing water sports. Another reason why they simply love this season is that they can have ice-creams and other cold beverages to their heart’s content. Continue reading Summer Coloring Pages

Unicorn Coloring Pages

Children all over the world have been fascinated by varied magical and mythical creatures. Unicorns being one of them, have always kept the kids spellbound by their grace, poise and charm.  What makes this supernatural being unique is its large, pointed and spiraling horn projecting from its forehead which is said to have the power to heal the sick and filter poisoned water. Continue reading Unicorn Coloring Pages

Mario Coloring Pages

Mario is the fictional character from Nintendo’s Mario video game franchise. Created by the Japanese designer, Shigeru Miyamoto, Mario acts as the company’s official mascot and has featured in more than 200 video games. Undoubtedly, Mario is the most famous character in the history of video games. The chubby plumber lives in the fictional Mushroom Kingdom with his younger brother, Luigi. Mario is on the never-ending mission to save the damsel in distress, Princess Peach from the villain Bowser and stop him from taking over the Mushroom Kingdom. Continue reading Mario Coloring Pages

Hello Kitty Coloring Pages

The fictional character, Hello Kitty was produced by the Japan-based company Sanrio and created by Yuko Shimizu. Depicted as the Japanese white bobtail cat with a red colored bow on her head, Hello Kitty loves homemade apple pies and bakes delicious cookies. Along with her twin, Mimmy, Hello Kitty keeps herself busy collecting cute things. The immense popularity of the character can be judged by its appearance in innumerable school supplies and fashion accessories or other high-end consumer products. Continue reading Hello Kitty Coloring Pages

The Little Mermaid Coloring Pages

The Little Mermaid is an American animated fantasy film by Disney. Based on a fairy tale by the Danish author Hans Christian Andersen, the musical film tells the tale of Ariel, a mermaid who wishes to become a human. Princess Ariel is the daughter of King Triton, the Ruler of Merfolk. She is dainty and beautiful with long, flowing, bright red hair, beautiful aqua hued eyes and a green mermaid tail. The rebellious and utterly curious princess is fascinated with the human world and often wanders off on expeditions to find human artifacts from ship wrecks. Ariel is always accompanied by her fish-friend, Flounder and Sebastian, her father’s advisor. Together they have a ball of a time. Continue reading The Little Mermaid Coloring Pages

Dora Coloring Pages

Dora the Explorer is an educational TV series created by Valerie Walsh, Eric Weiner and Chris Gifford. The American animated series is one of the highest aired shows in Nick Jr.  Meet Dora Marquez, the explorer at heart, she loves to go on quests related to her favorite activities or places she wants to visit. Keeping her company is her talking backpack  and anthropomorphic monkey named Boots. Continue reading Dora Coloring Pages