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Sheep Coloring Pages

Sheep are domestic and social flock animals, generally kept as livestock in farmlands. Their soft looks and personality attracts kids and adults alike. Raised for a variety of products like milk, meat and wool, sheep have been domesticated since time unknown. The free printable coloring pages available on the website depict these peaceful animals in animated and realistic backgrounds. Thus, giving enough opportunity to paint the animal in colors of their choice. Using their innovation and creative skills, children can fill the sheets in exciting colors, giving the usually white-bodied animal a new look. The pictures enlighten the kids about the animals and their appearance in a fun manner. Continue reading Sheep Coloring Pages

Green Lantern Coloring Pages

Green Lantern is the name given to several fictional superheroes appearing in the American comic books by DC Comics. These superheroes fight the evil forces with the help of the power rings which holds extraordinary powers. The first Green Lantern was introduced in 1940, when the superhero craze began. Facing a minor setback, Green Lantern came back to the light with the increasing popularity of science fiction and gave way to various television series, video games and movies as well. Continue reading Green Lantern Coloring Pages

Chima Coloring Pages

Lego Legends of Chima, also known as the Lego Chima is the theme-based Lego toys introduced in 2013. Set in the fantasy land of “Chima”, the toys depict various tribes of animals at war. The members of the tribes are at a constant battle to gain power over the natural resource CHI, an element, which possesses the power to both create life and destroy it. The interesting plot and its characters led to the making of the television series called the Legends of Chima and several video games too. Continue reading Chima Coloring Pages

Race Car Coloring Pages

From a very young age, children enjoy car racing. Being the symbol of speed, race cars have a fan-base among kids and young adults alike. These beautifully crafted cars are not only a sight to watch, but their sheer speed and force keeps the children awestruck. A unique collection of race car coloring pages is presented on this website to help the children learn about the sport in an educative manner. Be it in the form of realistic race cars or the ones in cartoon settings, these sheets are sure to boost the imagination of the child. Using the palette of bright hues, the kids are encouraged to paint the Porsches, Ferraris, BMWs and other sports cars for desired results. Continue reading Race Car Coloring Pages

Hot Wheels Coloring Pages

Hot Wheels is the immensely popular die-cast toy car brand by the American toy-maker Mattel. Introduced in the toy market in 1968, the brand became an instant hit among children, particulars boys. Many automobile companies have licensed Hot Wheels as the makers of scale-models of their cars. Using original design-blueprints and details, these miniatures are a sight to watch. Initially intended for kids and young adults, Hot Wheels have a fan-base among adult collectors too. Continue reading Hot Wheels Coloring Pages

Mask Coloring Pages

A mask is an item, usually worn on the face for varied purposes. Used for disguise, protection, entertainment or performance, masks come in different shapes and sizes. Colorful masks with unique decorations and designs have always drawn the attention of kids worldwide. Featuring in these coloring pages are different types of fascinating masks like the tribal mask, African mask, Chinese mask, clown mask, animal mask, butterfly mask, Iron man, Darth Vader and Spiderman mask, Mardi Gras mask, tiki Mask and many more. Continue reading Mask Coloring Pages

Precious Moments Coloring Pages

Precious Moments ceramic figurines and ornaments are marketed and sold by the American company Precious Moments, Inc. on catalog order basis. These collectibles celebrate the memorable moments of life. No wonder, coloring sheets on Precious Moments are loved by little kids. The coloring pages depicting little boys and girls along with their pets are a bundle of joy for the young artists. The pictures of the beautifully drawn children and their surroundings act as the perfect path to introduce kids to the world of colors. The Precious Moments Coloring Pages give the children and young adults ample space to create their own masterpieces and can be used as decoratives too. Continue reading Precious Moments Coloring Pages

Tom and Jerry Coloring Pages

Tom and Jerry are the main characters of the American animated short film series by Joseph Barbera and William Hanna. Created in 1940, the plot centers around the lives of arch rivals, Tom the cat and Jerry the mouse, living under the same roof. Winner of multiple Academy Awards, Tom and Jerry was one of the TV series with a fan base of children and adults alike. Due to the popularity of the series, the characters have often found a place on various merchandise like school stationary, clothes, art supplies and other accessories. Continue reading Tom and Jerry Coloring Pages

Superman Coloring Pages

Superman is the American superhero featuring in comic books by DC Comics. The character was given life by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster in 1933. Widely acknowledged as the American cultural icon, Superman is also considered as the inventor of superhero genre. Superman was born on the planet Krypton and sent to Earth by his father while he was an infant, just before the planet’s destruction. At a very young age, he started showing superhuman powers and used the same for the benefit of others. Labeled as the greatest hero of comic books, the character thereafter appeared in movies and television series. Continue reading Superman Coloring Pages

Tinkerbell Coloring Pages

Tinkerbell is the fictional character from the Peter Pan play by J. M. Barrie. Appearing in numerous films and other adaptations of Peter Pan stories, Tinkerbell is also one of the unofficial mascots of the Disney franchise. The gorgeous, blue-eyed, blonde fairy from the Peter Pan story, leaves behind trail of pixie dust as she flies, which can magically help humans to fly too, only if they think about happy things. Continue reading Tinkerbell Coloring Pages