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Lalaloopsy Coloring Pages

From the house of MGA Entertainment, Lalaloopsy is an American line of rag dolls. Originally launched as Bitty Buttons, these plastic dolls became a rage, when released. The immense success of Lalaloopsy gave way to Lalaloopsy themed TV series and video games. These dolls were not only good to look at, but gave a beautiful message too. A message saying that each one of us is unique in our own way and that everything is worthy of a second life, just like these rag dolls. Continue reading Lalaloopsy Coloring Pages

Pikachu Coloring Pages

Don’t we all simply love Pikachu, the very cute, yellow rodent with long blacked-tipped ears. One of the most adored Pokemon, Pikachu has made everybody crazy by its charm. Regarded as an indispensible character of the Pokemon franchise, Pikachu has been tagged as its official mascot too. Kids of all ages love the chubby rodent and wonder what it would be like if Pokemon truly existed. Continue reading Pikachu Coloring Pages