Dragon Coloring Pages

Dragons are legendary creatures which have fascinated kids under all age groups. These mythical creatures give the young minds an opportunity to wander off in their very own magical world without any boundaries. The unique feature of dragons to breathe out fire, leaves the children awestruck. In many folk traditions, dragons are depicted as wicked characters, trying to disrupt the innocent lives, while in some other traditions, dragons portray the role of guardian figure.

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Happy Birthday Coloring Pages

Happy Birthday coloring pictures are extremely popular among children of all ages. These coloring pages act as excellent birthday cards with a personalised touch. Be it a gift for a little one’s daddy, mom, sister, teacher or grandpa, these beautifully colored free printable happy birthday coloring pages are surely a present to be cherished forever. The pictures on the theme, happy birthday, available on this website depict cakes, birthday hats, balloons, flowers, gifts and endless decoratives, giving kids ample opportunity to show their talent.

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Flower Coloring Pages

Kids love flowers, be it big or small. The unique and beautiful coloration of flowers is the most attractive feature of the plants. Kids are often seen trying to replicate flowers in paper and coloring them with bright hues. This not only gives their imaginative minds a high, but also given them an opportunity to create their very own masterpieces. The finest collection of free printable flower coloring pages given hereunder is an excellent gift for your little artists, especially girls. The pictures presented here can also be used for school projects or as decoratives adorning the children’s room. Download them now and see how beautifully your kids enhance their creative side. Continue reading Flower Coloring Pages

Winter Coloring Pages

Kids love winter season. The winter break, the snow fights with friends, the making of snowmen, sipping hot chocolate and enjoying various winter sports like sledging and skiing are some of the many reasons why kids love coloring pages based on the winter season. A wide collection of free printable winter coloring pages is put up on this website, suitable for all age groups. These winter coloring pictures offer excellent plots for kids to enhance their creativity and imagination. Apart from being a subject for fun activity, winter coloring sheets are also ideal for school projects. These pictures also teaches the children about the winter animals, the kind of clothes to be worn during the season and various outdoor activities that can be done in the winter season. Download your favorites one’s now and let it snow fight begin! Continue reading Winter Coloring Pages

Fall Coloring Pages

Fall, also known as autumn, is the season which marks the change from summer to winter. In this season, the temperature becomes cool and the day fades in faster, making the nights longer. In many western customs, fall personify ripening of grains, fruits and vegetables. This season also marks the shedding of tree leaves, giving the trees and surroundings a picturesque look. By means of fall coloring pages, parents can educate children in a fun manner. A collection of unique free printable fall coloring pages is available on this website. Depicting children playing with shed leaves, ripe fruits and vegetables, Halloween and Thanksgiving celebrations, the fall season coloring pages are suitable for kids as well as young adults.

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Car Coloring Pages

Car coloring pages are frequently searched by parents for their children all around the world. Be it a simple car, or a hi-tech one, kids love to color cars in different shades, giving the automobile innovative looks and patterns. One of the favorite topics of boys, car coloring sheets offer the little ones the perfect arena to use their imagination and go creative. This website offers a wide collection of coloring pictures on cars suitable for all age groups, preschoolers as well as young adults. Download these free printable car coloring pages and give your kids an opportunity to enhance their artistic skills. Continue reading Car Coloring Pages

Dog Coloring Pages

Dogs are beautiful four-legged animals that are often referred to as man’s best friend. One of the first animals with which children relate to from their early stage of life, dogs are often seen as the most popular choice for pet animals. Dogs not only act as excellent pets for their masters, but are also seen to be taking keen interest in their master’s protection and well being. The immense love and warmth showered by these animals for their master is one of the reasons that kids love playing with dogs. Continue reading Dog Coloring Pages

Dinosaur Coloring Pages

Dinosaurs are extinct animals which lived millions of years ago. Known for their fascinating appearances, the size of these prehistoric animals varied from being as small as that of a human palm to as tall as 12 metres high. These creatures have always enthused kids and adults alike because of their striking features and attributes. The immense popularity of dinosaurs has been encashed by many brands by means of toys, story books, apparels, movies, animation, etc.   Continue reading Dinosaur Coloring Pages

Barbie Coloring Pages

Barbie is the line of fashion dolls manufactured and marketed since 1959 by Mattel, Inc., an American toy company. Also the figurehead of various Mattel dolls and accessories, Barbie holds an important position in the toy-fashion doll industry. Barbie is available in innumerable roles across the globe. The popularity of these beautifully crafted dolls has led to increased sales of Barbie books, clothes, cosmetics, movies and video games. Often seen in the arms of young girls, Barbie dolls are often referred to as their best friends. Continue reading Barbie Coloring Pages

Ballerina Coloring Pages

Ballerina is an artistic form of dance performed on rhythmic music notes. The beautiful costumes, graceful steps and the overall appeal excites many little girls of becoming a ballerina. The wide collection of free printable ballerina coloring pages available on this website can bring the little girls closer to their passion, dancing. These ballerina coloring sheets depict not only ballet dancers but also animated characters like Hello Kitty, Strawberry Shortcake, Angelina and the like in ballet costumes and attires to keep the young artists engaged throughout. Continue reading Ballerina Coloring Pages